Saturday, August 30, 2008

Study break #23

Wow, can I tell you how much I DON'T feel like studying today?
(I would link to the source, but it's a bible study site. Boo.)

Yeah, that much. I've been through five biochem lectures already today. I know that sounds pretty good, but they were the first easy five, and it's already four pm. I just got back from the grocery store--stocking up for the Big Storm. It was a big of a mad house. They were letting people in a few at a time, so it took even longer than necessary. But I got the essentials: canned food, diet soda, tonic water (for G&Ts), toilet paper, cat food. Cat food for my two strays that I will invite inside for the storm. I'm hoping that it doesn't get so bad that Andrew and I have to resort to eating cat food (and/or the cats).

Man, they're really hyping up this storm! I'm thinking of putting off the studying a wee bit longer to walk over to the levees. Give them a good talking to about keeping it together, staying strong for the 'hood, etc. Also to try to eyeball how much higher the Mississippi is than the level of the houses.
Ok, one more lecture, then another break. Stay tuned, kids.

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