Thursday, July 9, 2009



Oooo...take a look at these beautiful, peaceful seascape photos by photographer David Doubilet.


The rest of his portfolio is amazing as well. I especially love the freshwater photos!


(found via abbey goes design scouting)

Update: Sorry about the missing pictures, but I'm way to lazy to re-upload them right now. Just go look at the photos on his website--they're still there and just as gorgeous.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh, California

I remembered! Y'all should check out this fantastic article about what a total shit show California is these days. We're such drama queens, it's great! The article is mostly about Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Fransisco, and whether or not he's going to run for Governor. There's also plenty of Governator hilarity to sink your teeth into, so give it a read!

Andrew and I are off to see Away We Go today. Has anyone seen it yet? I'm really excited!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer in the city

Summer is here in full force, and with it my well-cultivated ability to do absolutely nothing useful. Hence the pathetic smattering of blog posts over the past month and a half. Sorry about that!

I just got back to Brooklyn on Monday night after two weeks in California with the fam. It was relaxing and beautiful as always. Laurel and I tend to spend our summer days lying in the sun, reading as much as possible, doing jigsaw puzzles, and generally trying to think up creative excuses not to leave the homestead and trek into town. We're jigsaw puzzle masters and incurable hermits, and we love it! But we did drag ourselves out and about for some quality river time with our friends and adventures with the family, including a trip to the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival for father's day. Tons of fun, as always! My trip home is pathetically without pictures, I'm afraid. Someday I'll get better about bringing my camera places.

And now I'm back in New York with my super-duper boyfriend and my fabulous cats, and apparently God heard my pleas because it's SUNNY! I celebrated the weather today by finally exploring Prospect Park a bit. It's huge, gorgeous, and filled with babies and little dogs like the rest of Park Slope. I really do love the big beautiful parks in New York, although they tend to highlight the lack of green-ness in the rest of the city. In my more cynical moods, I feel like New Yorkers like to keep their trees prisoner so that they don't take over the rest of the concrete jungle. But I'm feeling very un-cynical today, so moving on!

The highlight of my walk way lying in the grass and reading my book, while all of the dogs played and the runners ran. But I also had a traumatic moment with a snapping turtle that should definitely be mentioned. Some of you might remember that this isn't my first run in with a snapping turtle--if not, ask me about it sometime. Luckily this wasn't as alarming as the first one, because it didn't involve any physical contact with said reptile (or any urine, thank GOD). But I came across this poor turtle wedged between a rock and a fence, trying to get to the little stream running nearby. The terrible part was that I couldn't help him, because the fence was too high. So I had to watch him struggle his way onto the top of the rock and then consider his options as to how to get down. I wish that these stupid animals would just listen to me, because there was a perfectly passable way off the rock and into the water if he'd just turned around. But no, in the end, he decided that a HEADLONG TUMBLE off of the boulder was the best choice. It was terrifying! He somersaulted his way off the rock, banging back and forth until he splashed into the water, where he took a minute to get his bearings before swimming back upstream. Oi, nature can be so stressful!

Now I'm back home and waiting for Andrew to get off work. It's hot outside, so I thought I'd surprise him with a pitcher of this delicious looking white sangria.

Mmmm...doesn't it sound tasty? Mine isn't nearly as beautiful as David's, but I have high hopes for the taste.

You know, I keep starting these blog posts because I just found something neat on the internet that I wanted to share, or something along that line, and then I realize that I can't just jump back in after a month's absence without an update. And by the time I'm finished with the update, I've completely forgotten what I wanted to show you! Ah well, I'm sure it'll come back to me. Ta ta!