Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jim Carroll

Another blogging hiatus with no excuse. Busy busy busy, you know. Micro's over, and I managed to pass, blah blah blah.

I wanted to stop in and pay homage to Jim Carroll, who died on Friday. He's one of my two favorite poets and just a crazy wonderful character, and the world's a little less fantastic without him in it. Read his obit here. If you've never read any of his stuff, check out Void of Course--definitely my favorite of his books, full of really beautiful, sexy poetry. Here's a good one:


The wide Mojave sky dark
And vain as my heart tonight
Walking back by the feel
Of the blacktop under foot

What's that desert fragrance
That lights the 4 A.M. sky
With a shampoo green glow?

Is that a coyote eye

Or a tail reflector that bumped loose
From an old English racer?

Which are popular on the reservation
But never last long

They weren't made for this landscape

--Jim Carroll

Anyway, great guy.

It's raining here in New Orleans, off and on but really, always on again. How's the weather where you are?