Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family BBQ

I just got home from the family barbecue over at City Park, and it was tons of fun. They had it at the Peristyle, which is a big structure with stone columns and a roof. Very beautiful and a great place for a bbq, although my God, I felt like I was going to melt. We could've done with some giant a/c units, or a few well-placed misters. Or a slip n' slide.

Lots and lots of people, once again. (Oh, forgot to mention the party over at Tropical Isle last night. It was about what you'd expect--tons of people, fake palm trees, loud music, and lots of hand grenades [which I think are BLECH]). But this time I was actually able to sit around and talk to some of them, which was a nice change. I met a fellow T1 named Greg and sat with his family, which included his wife Katherine, mother, and younger brother Ross. Good people! The food was some super tasty bbq and coleslaw.

Ok, names to remember for today:

Greg (blond, from Atlanta, very nice)
Katherine (wife of Greg, Penn State, also very nice)
William (big talker)
Mathew (UCLA, met at orientation)

4 more down, 170 to go!

Andrew and I went to City Park not long after we got down to New Orleans and had a picnic, but we didn't really explore the southern end. I was pleasantly surprised at how much stuff there was going on! There's a sculpture garden, botanic garden, softball stadium, even a little train that you can hop on. Beautiful!
The little girl above was pulling fish from the water like it was going out of style! I couldn't believe it. They were tiny little things--Texas pole fish? I'm pretty sure I just pulled that out of my ass, but she definitely mentioned Texas. Apparently nightcrawlers are the key.
These kids were fishing too, although I think they needed some tips from the expert in the red shirt. Seeing all of the kids fishing made me want to grab a pole and sit down next to them.

Tomorrow's the white coat ceremony at the Hilton--what in the world shall I wear? Time to go vegetate.

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