Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Whew-ee! I can tell already that this is going to be a highlight blog, rather than a complete rundown kind of blog. Today was only registration and anatomy orientation, and I'm already exhausted! I can't imagine what my post-writing energy level will be like after classes actually start.

Check it out! After yesterday's ceremony, I have my very own white coat!

Of course, it's huge on me (notice the cuffed sleeves), even though it's a small, but I love it all the same. Notice the classy pin on the collar. Pretty sweet, huh?

Andrew couldn't come to the actually white coat ceremony (silly job), but he stopped in for lunch. He also way made up for not being able to be there by coming home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne! I'm one lucky gal.

And today was registration--taking care of all of those pesky business details that we need to get out of the way before actually starting classes (plus they threw in two more free meals--watch out Tulane, we could get used to this). Pretty standard stuff--TB tests, registration forms, ID cards, etc. And then anatomy orientation, which meant checking out microscopes and making sure our slide boxes were all in order. We also scoped out our anatomy labs, which was pretty exciting. Four or five stainless steel, body-sized locker tables (kind of like this) sit in the middle of each lab, and six students are assigned to each table. Even though we didn't get to open our tables and meet our cadavers, it was kind of ominous knowing that they were probably already in there waiting for us. Friday's our first lab!

I'm hoping that my books start arriving tomorrow, because I'm itching to start studying. Isn't that funny? I guess that tells me that I'm doing the right thing with this whole silly med school business.

In other news, it's Taco Tuesday! Woohoo!!!
(via jslander, whose food photos make me want to lick the screen)

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