Saturday, August 2, 2008


I know that this is primarily a blog about med school and my experiences as a know-nothing beginning med student, but what is school without distraction? So I expect there will be plenty of entries about other important things, like movies, shopping, and New Orleans adventures!

That being said, Andrew and I just got back from seeing The Dark Knight! It was just as good as everyone says it is. Heath Ledger was excellent as the Joker--a perfectly evil, disturbing sociopath.Plus, Batman had this totally sweet bike.
As awesome and exciting as all of the special effects were, does anyone else feel nostalgic for the Tim Burton days of Batman?
Everything was so whimsically dark, like all of Tim Burton's movies. Gotham City was unmistakably unlike any other city you've ever seen, whereas today's Gotham could be Manhattan. Today's Batman movies tend toward your typical action scenes and crime movies, which I think is kind of unfortunate. Although Christopher Nolan definitely does a great job with Batman himself--he really captures the complexity of his character.

Anyway, kudos to Burton for always keeping things twisted and comic booky. In tribute, we netflixed Batman and are probably going to watch it tonight. Go to the movies, kids!

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