Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plant a tree

Another beautiful idea from David Horvitz. I really like this one.

This weeks tests: done and done! This morning's went swimmingly, much better than yesterday's disaster. To celebrate tonight it's pizza and beer at Reginelli's. Let's hear it for $2 pitchers of Abita with good friends!

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J. A. Broussard said...

$2.00 pitchers of beer? Friends? What are these things and where can I get them?

Glad to hear today's test went better. I just bombed my natural history oral final, which was painful, but then aced a theology oral final. It's always a good sign when the instructor asks if he can quote you in his upcoming book. Which didn't happen. But he did smile, and he said "good" a lot, so I'm happy.

Better yet, if all goes well I'll have one more term of Latin dead and buried (it's a frieking dead language; why am I learning it? Cur necesse est mihi linguam Latinam discedere? Nocte discedente sedeo discedens verba, et cur? Nescio. Quid nam.) Sorry. I actually love it, but it is a pain.

Better still, Blonde One, I see my mom in four days, and mail your letter (dependent upon the books being signed...) Friday morning. So look for it by moonlight, wait for it by moonlight, it comes to thee by moonlight, though laziness and the postman getting lost and me not finding a box and the plane being grounded by snow and the economy collapsing and death, taxes and lost data should bar the way.