Sunday, March 8, 2009

Negative motivation

(via i suwannee)

Please please PLEASE will someone help motivate me to study! Physiology exam tomorrow and I can't seem to look at my notes for more than fifteen seconds before looking away! I'd like to say that I've reached saturation point, but I'm really don't think that I've soaked up everything that I need to. I'm Not that the kidneys and urine and poop and the rectum aren't wildly exciting--don't get me wrong, I love all this stuff. But I can't study anymore. I can't! Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

I think I might get out of the house for a while and go to the store. Tonight might be the perfect time to try out these amazing cookies, and maybe even the shrimp that I mentioned yesterday. I'm aiming to be much chubbier and happier the next time Andrew comes to visit, which only leaves me a month! I'd better start working harder.


Tara said...

I often use food as motivation. I used to buy chocolate kisses and then when I finished a chapter...or maybe a paragraph I would get to have my kiss!

p.s that cookie recipe looks amazing, I went to the farmers market the other day and there was this women selling cookies that looked just like that I resisted and got the oatmeal chocolate chip instead -- what a silly thing to do !

J. A. Broussard said...

I'll often take ten minutes, go outside, look at the stars, make myself relax, then go back inside and start again. That's assuming I actually study, of course.