Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday

The ambulance ride-along was basically a big bust. Not even really worth describing. Lots of sitting around and waiting for calls. My friend Kathleen was in a different truck, and she spent about four hours sitting in the hospital waiting for a bed for their single patient. Last night I thought that she had it even worse than me, but now that I think about it, at least she got to see all of the other patients that came into the ER! We kept getting calls and then having them swiped out from under us by other teams. Lame-O.

Spent the day NOT going to class, doing some grocery shopping, studying a bit, trying to look productive. Watched Fried Green Tomatoes tonight and BALLED MY EYES OUT. I don't know what it is about some movies that really gets me going, but this was definitely one of them. Something about Mary Stuart Masterson (whose late eighties-early nineties self I have a huge girl-crush on) and Mary-Louise Parker--their love was so touching and tragic that I couldn't hold it in.

As I dry my tears and try to pull my wasted emotions back together, here's a fabulous website to cheer us all up.

Trust me, it'll crack you up. Via Oh Happy Day, a while back.

I'm off to have another gin and pineapple juice and read The New Yorker. Y'all have a lovely evening, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. St. Patty's for a few more days, after all.


Tara said...

I love Fried Green Tomatoes! I had totally forgotten about that movie, I'll have to watch it again soon! I've always wanted to make fried green tomatoes perhaps over the summer...

I loved the spider drawing payment blog!I think I should try it heheh. As it so happens I'm mysteriously being charged for a doctors visit I'm pretty sure never happened. I might have to draw something pretty spectacular though to make up for my almost $1000 bill!

Kathleen said...

I guess I at least saw the crazy druggie that overdosed. At least you had a comfortableish seat! My little stool got very uncomfortable after the 2nd hour.

I loved the drawing of the spider thing. Every time I read it it makes me giggle a bit.

David said...

Oh yeah, I did a few ride-alongs when I was working on the emergency response software for APL, and it was just sitting around for hours. I saw two actual patients, both of whom were what the drivers called "frequent fliers." Kind of depressing, since they were 70-somethings from nearby nursing homes. Luckily nothing serious, and they were really nice and grateful.

One of the times, though, I just watched a movie with the firemen while they made lewd remarks about Nicole Kidman.