Friday, December 12, 2008


You're having a bad day--nothing seems to be going right. You had to wake up really early and go to boring lectures all day, you have three big tests next week and not nearly enough time to study for them, your hair has been doing this weird thing lately and won't be tamed, and it is effing COLD these days. Also, how did Christmas sneak up on you so quickly, and when exactly are you supposed to do all of the necessary shopping in the next week and a half?

With all of these worries on your mind, where should you go to leave them all behind?

50 Strange Buildings of the World (Part II) photo
Why, to your very own Free Spirit Sphere in the peaceful rainforest of Vancouver Island, of course!

The motion in a sphere is a slow gentle rocking when the wind blows. The rope tethers are almost vertical which lets the treetops move considerably while hardly moving the sphere at all. The sphere movement is a muted average of the movement of the 3 treetops. When another body inside a sphere shifts his/her weight the motion is abrupt. This is because the mass of the sphere is low.

Once one breaks contact with the ground, energy shifts. The magical environment of the forest canopy conjures up thoughts of
elves and fairies. One can feel the presence of the forest. That presence seems to dwell in the canopy where it can watch the meanderings below.

Um....heck yeah! I know I'm just a tree-hugging hippie right below the surface, but who wouldn't want to stay in a magic treetop sphere for the weekend? I'll admit that the accommodations sound a little hokey (yet still relaxing and lovely), but I want one for my own backyard! Or strung somewhere up in the redwoods, yeah?

Found on this awesome website about strange buildings around the world. Check it out!

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