Thursday, December 11, 2008


You'll never believe it--it snowed here today! Snowed. An honest to goodness snow storm. It was really coming down! Pretty incredible, considering it was a perfect 80 degrees not three days ago. I thought I moved to New Orleans to escape this crap! On the bright side, no one in New Orleans can handle the white stuff, so a bunch of crap I didn't want to do today was canceled! Very convenient. So I'm at home wearing: thigh high socks, short fuzzy socks, sweat pants, leg warmers, slippers, knit hat, turtle neck shirt, sweater, scarf, and a robe over it all. My little gas heaters aren't quite cutting it.

That being said, does anyone out there who knows how to knit want to make me one of these?

Draft Dodger in Soft Blue
(via swissmiss)

Doesn't it look warm and wonderful? You can get your own draft dodger (or one for your freezing friend) from this cute shop. Sigh...I should really learn how to knit something other than a potholder.

Well, back to studying metabolism. The beautiful church down the street is playing "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" on its bells, I have a fresh cup of coffee, and my two kittens are sleeping next to me on the desk. Cuddled together, without fighting! Life could be worse.

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