Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh so tired

I had such a productive weekend! I actually sat down and studied for more than ten minutes in a row, for the first time in a good while. I just can't seem to concentrate these days. Which is unfortunate, because this block (which started Monday) is only two weeks long, which means we have three exams next week.


I'm trying to study right now, which isn't going as well as I'd hoped. I'm sitting in a room at the top floor of Tulane's Poydras building, which is where the standardized patient program is housed. The SP program is one of the neatest things about Tulane. They employ a staff of actors who pretend to be patients, and it's through them that we learn to interact with patients. There's a whole "clinic" up here, and we learn to do all of our exams with the SPs, from patient interviewing to the really fun stuff. One of the reasons is that I can't study is that I'm sitting in a room with a bunch of T2s (study rooms are a hot commodity these days) who are waiting to be called in to learn digital rectal exams. Oh baby. Anal jokes abound.

The SPs get paid pretty well, as you can imagine. I just came out of a session on patient counseling that was really great, although he was acting like such a difficult guy that it was pretty frustrating sometimes. But it is really nice to be put through all of this stuff before treating real live patients.

Ugh, I guess I'd better go. Sorry this was kind of an empty post. This is what I've been staring at for the past hour and a half:


Well, variations on the same theme. Anyway, things to do, places to be. Later kids.

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