Sunday, December 14, 2008

Remember remember

I ran some errands today and saw everyone out putting up Christmas decorations on their houses. It's finally starting to put me in the Christmas mood (even though it was a lovely 70 degrees and sunny today). The snow on Thursday certainly helped, but in general, the holiday spirit has been taking a while to hit me.

Death by Christmas Lights. by Siouxanna.

Christmas is hard not to love. Lights, trees, cold weather, stockings and presents, hot buttered rum by the fireplace, and best of all, I get to see my family! Some higher power has been trying really hard for the past handful of years to stop my family from enjoying Christmas, but we manage to carry on with our normal vigor. I guess it's a healthy combination of present overload, massive amounts of food and liquor, and an inability to stay sad for long when you're surrounded by people that you love, even if those people are brought together by hardship as well as tradition.

Anyway, just feeling a bit melancholy on this day of days, all alone with my little kittens. But my Christmas spirit is putting up a good fight, and I'm so excited to fly home this weekend and see my family! I hear it's snowing there, and while I was less than thrilled with the snow in New Orleans (it's supposed to be warm here, for God's sake!), snow at home is a lovely thing. I hope everyone else is gearing up for the holidays too!

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tobster said...

Yayee.. You are flying home. Don't be melancholy, you have crawfish monica a block away. I broke open some of my pickled green beans this morn. Grown, picked and canned myself. I thought of your parents pond, a day long ago, when you were off at a girlscout camp and I met up with your dad a neighbor who danced with san francisco opera.. that was a great coincidence by the way. When I told him my favorite company was David Parson's he got so serious. He had been a protege of Parsons. What a character. I will never forget walking up from your garden and seeing him dive naked into the pond. Freakin adonis that guy..don't be sad. eat benet's and drink chickory coffee down at cafe du monde...