Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The hurricane's over, and now that the panic and general hullabaloo are over, everyone's settled in to wait. Waiting for the power to come back on, the grocery stores to open up, waiting for help to get that damn tree off your car. The big wait for the next few days will be for the go-ahead to come back home from wherever people evacuated to. Then, after it comes, everyone will wait in traffic on parking lot I-10.

Tonight, I'm waiting for Andrew to come home. He spent the night, thank goodness, but had to take off again to Belle Chase early this morning. He had some amazing stories about tornadoes, big trucks, and walking on top of levees that were just about to be overtopped. And he's back to it today, and I haven't heard a word. I'm not complaining; I know how intensely busy he is and how shoddy cell phone reception is these days. But it's getting late, and we were hoping he would be able to come home for dinner, and I'm lonely.

Even though I've jumped off the flickr bandwagon for my personal photo needs, I do love it so. This post was going to center around my flickr favorites with a waiting theme, but I'm having image upload issues. But I love typing a random word or date into flickr and seeing what pops up, so I would recommend trying it out. Sorry, this was supposed to be a lot more visually pleasing! Here's a nice pictures of the bridges over the Mississippi, near my house, just for a little color:

Nighty night!

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