Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Travolta power

(taken by yours truly at the audubon zoo here in NO town)

I am feeling like a BUMP on a LOG! It's 4:02 pm and I have studied my way through exactly ONE biochem lecture. Only one! I wish I could say that I spent the rest of the day deeply immersed in gross anatomy, but I cannot tell a lie. Well, yes I can, but I'm choosing not to. Instead, I:

1) Ate two bowls of fruit loops (actually 1.5)

2) Played with the cat

3) Took a three hour nap

4) Spent a silly amount of time looking at nothing in particular on the internet

5) Ate more cajun sausage and one of Maria's delicious white chocolate chip cookies

6) Watched an episode of Dexter

Productive, eh? Oh yeah:

7) Finished the first Twilight book. Yep, in a day and a half.

There, my humiliation is complete.

Because I'm obviously having an uninspiring day, I wanted to share with you a reliable source of motivation. Whenever I feel like getting off my lazy ass and doing something useful with my life, this is where I turn:

That's right folks! Staying Fit with John Travolta, a guide to reshaping your body through weight resistance and modern dance! Some highlights:

And my personal favorite:

Ah, if only I had a black spandex workout jumper! And such fine tone in my buttocks! John Travolta circa 1984 really knew how to shake his groove thang, something that I think we've lost in these jaded days of pilates and hot yoga. Tragic.

Ok, study time. Hey, I'm serious this time! Stop laughing!

(john travolta pictures via atouchofvintage, unfortunately sold out (sorry ladies). found via a cup of jo, quite a lovely blog)

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