Sunday, September 21, 2008

Empty buildings

It's been a great day. A great weekend really. Fabulous dinner out on Friday with the man, wonderful wine, estate sales on Saturday (they deserve a whole post to themselves), naps, poker with friends, shopping, even some studying thrown in there. Tonight we had fondue and watched most of The Fall, which is an amazing movie so far (Andrew got sleepy, but it was probably just a ploy to get me into bed).

Despite all the fun and everything going perfectly this weekend, I'm feeling melancholy tonight. The reasons why are probably silly and wouldn't be very interesting to write (or read) about, so I'll deal with my neuroses on my own for now. But I thought I'd share something great.

This is the work of David Kohrman, who keeps a blog dedicated mostly to decrepit, abandoned buildings. Aren't they beautifully eerie? He says that his favorite buildings are hotels, and he does have some amazing photos of crumbling hotels. But the most intriguing to me are abandoned hospitals. I see the defunct Charity hospital every day and I'm so curious to know what it looks like inside. From below, it's hulking and monstrous, with abandoned ac units sticking out of broken windows. It must be so spooky inside.

I was alerted to Kohrman's stuff through bohemian hellhole, a bad ass blog about broken buildings and other beautiful things. Check it out.

I'll sign off and stop overthinking things. New week tomorrow.

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J. A. Broussard said...

They are amazing. Thanks for the tip.

Sorry you're melancholy. Hope it gets better.

And why the heck aren't those word verification thingies ever words? And does it bother anyone else that "world wide web" is three syllables while "www" is nine? Come on, people.