Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let it begin

Hey all. How are things out there in radio land? Just plugging along down here. I'm feeling very blech and tired today, so this is going to be another not-so-exciting post. But I wanted to make sure my faithful few readers out there don't desert me! I will be back!

Even though it was sunny and lovely and warm today, I've been feeling a little:

funny pictures of cats with captions
(lolcats, duh)

Not quite sure why. Maybe it's all the booze and going to bed way past my bedtime (10:30), or the kittens waking up at 5am to play hopscotch on my face, or running out of hot water in the shower once I finally dragged my ass out of bed. But I've been sleepy and grumpy all day. I did take a very long and restful nap, but I had an AWFUL dream. Like, tortured-by-inner-demons awful. I won't go into detail because it would probably be TMI for a public blog, even though I love you guys to pieces and would trust you with all of my secrets (I swear!). But it involved a headless baby and it was NOT PRETTY.

But I can't stay salty for long, because it's Mardi Gras! Parades have been going on for like two weeks, but this weekend is when the true debauchery begins. Not that the parades are scandalous--they're actually wholesome family fun, for the most part. But I plan on maintaining a healthy buzz for four solid days, so it should be a good time. Best of all, one of my all time favorite people is coming into town--Sierra, I can't wait to see you!

Next week is Spring/Mardi Gras break, but classes are pretty light this week so that we can all start easing ourselves into the festivities (or hurtling headlong into them and forgetting about this silly med school thang). Ah, life is good. Why would anyone go to med school anywhere else?

Ok, off to bed. Yes yes, I know it's only 10, but like I said, I'm bushed. Ta ta!


i suwannee said...

can you email me with your email address?


Tara said...

awww I hate having bad dreams! They always seem to taint the rest of my day with their ominous presence. Hope your having fun this week!