Sunday, February 1, 2009

That was my bad, Mario

I had an effing WONDERFUL weekend. Andrew and I decided that trying to go two months without visiting each other was just a silly idea (who thought of that anyway?), so he flew down Friday night. Instead of studying for the physiology test I have tomorrow, I spent two days lounging about on the lawn in the sun, eating and drinking more than I have in two weeks, and just being generally euphoric about the world. And what did YOU do?

On a less pleasant note, did you know that kittens can reach sexual maturity at only 4 months old? Nah, I didn't know that either, until Stevie starting tarting it up around the yard and twitching her little ass at absolutely everything that moved (human, feline, neutered, didn't matter). Another pleasant thing that cats in heat do is yowl. All. Night. Long. Guess who gets a trip to the vet this week!

Instead of studying for my test, I'm watching silly videos, and you really have to check this one out. Ok, I know it's 23:00 minutes long or whatever, but really, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard, and you only have to watch the first thirty seconds to appreciate the hilarity. But you'll want to keep going. Trust me.

PS: It's a little profane.

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Jaking said...

Wow. I can honestly say I hadn't seen that Mario thing before and I had trouble not falling out of my chair when he said things like "Wow...this is horrible...this is...this is $%#@ing worse than an R.L. Stine book." Absolutely made my day. How's the med school thingy going Kelsey?