Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back in black

Whew, I'm back! Sorry about the hiatus folks. Last week my computer died. DIED. Wouldn't even start. It knew I was unhappy with it, and it just flipped me off and shut down. So it took a much needed vacation to the Toshiba factory in Kentucky, where they whipped it back into shape and sent it home. All in less than a week! Amazing. I would've been completely lost without a computer all that time, but my dear friend Matthew came to my rescue and lent me his. What a guy!

Anyway, back to the ol' routine, thank goodness. Brand new classes though! Yesterday we started our six week neuroanatomy course, and my oh my. I'm glad for the change of pace, but wow-ee do we have a lot to learn! Did you know that each one of those little brain squigglies has a name? Yes it does. And a number. Good times.

So blogging my be spotty for a while (not that that's anything new). Also, Andrew's visiting this weekend! I'm dragging him to a huge garage sale Saturday morning and to Med Prom Saturday night--never thought I would have to relive prom, but at least there's an open bar at this one. Should be a kick. And Sunday is the strawberry festival, for strawberry shortcake and fun in the sun. Anybody else have fun plans for the weekend?

Here are some great pictures of David Bowie way back in the day to put smiles on your lovely faces.

(via fabulon)

Wasn't he pretty?

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