Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Day #2!

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Happy Inauguration Day everyone! Did you all watch? Wasn't it beautiful? And for my Maryland/DC friends who were lucky enough to be there, was all of the excitement worth standing on the frigid national mall for three hours?

Very exciting day, politically! Scholastically, it was exhausting. I had an awful biochem exam this morning, followed by inauguration festivities in the student lounge. Quick lunch and then a four hour long standardized patient session about cardiology. Very interesting and useful, but slow as heck. Especially when we're all sleep deprived and just want to sleep off the exam blues. But I'm home now with the kittens, warming up the house and thinking about dinner.

Have you checked out this amazing slide show yet? It's fifty-two portraits of Obama's new administration, with commentary by the photographers about how they were done and how unique all of his aides and advisors are. Totally cool, and the shots are all so different and beautiful. Check it out, in honor of the big day!

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