Friday, January 16, 2009

Back in action (sort of)

Oh my gosh folks, it's been weeks! I've been thinking that I really need to post something, but I've been trying to keep my head above water for these first two weeks of class. And yesterday Laurel told me that she checks my blog every day and is always disappointed, so now the pressure's on.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Mine was...well, not incredibly relaxing, but lots of fun. Home to California for a week, which was wonderful. Humboldt County is perfect in the winter--chilly and wet with just the right amount of snow. We had a beautiful white Christmas, just right for hot buttered rum by the fireplace. My brother Cody, who I haven't seen for about two years (since before his tour in Iraq), was home, as well as my two other step sibs. Seven people, five dogs, and four cats home for Christmas--a very full house! The more the merrier.

After my week at home I flew to New York, which was SO COLD. I had tons of fun, but seriously kids, I've never been as cold as I was on New Year's Eve. It was so great to see Andrew--we had a lovely romantic week. The Friday before I flew home he took me to see The Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center and out to a wonderful dinner. The kittens even came along (not to the ballet), and spent the week terrorizing Andrew's senile maltese Lady.

And now...back to real life! Break was so wonderful and full that these two little paragraphs don't really do it justice, but I can't handle details right now. I just want to get one post out there to get me back in the swing of things. God, this one's so boring. Not even any pictures! I promise something more interesting later, but it's time to study (as always). Did everyone else have a nice holiday?

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J. A. Broussard said...

I had a magnificent month--yes, thirty days--off, and returned to Moscow to find that one of my tenants had turned the water on before leaving. We have at least two broken pipes and about three-hundred in plumbers expenses as a result. But, our heat is fixed and I am about to go back to theology class, so I am happy.

Glad you started writing again: Laurel ain't the only one that checks your blog.