Friday, November 14, 2008

Little by little

One step closer to a cure! Hip hip hooray!!


J. A. Broussard said...

There's a book I've been reading in my spare time (HA HA--I crack myself up). What that means is that I started it last summer and plan on finishing it after my kids graduate from college.

Anyway, it's called Inventing the Aids Virus, and has so far been really interesting. I don't know enough to be able to argue it, but it's a thought provoking premise. This is, of course, coming from the guy who doesn't think that Willem Shakespere wrote all of those plays...

Kelsey said...

Oh, so very very much to say about this book. True, it's hard to argue with a scientist whose premise is "I just don't believe everybody", but Ms. Osborn says it very well"

As if that's not enough, there's been more that a decade of research since that book was written, and Duesberg has been proven wrong time and time again. Nothing but disdain.