Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Ramen soup night

My fridge died yesterday! Well, probably sometime Tuesday evening really. Terrible, huh? Most of my perishables perished, which is a real bummer, and the freezer also peed all over the kitchen floor as is defrosted overnight. But my wonderful landlady and her boyfriend showed up tonight with a bright new shiny Frigidaire!

Sweet, huh? Although I feel like Edward Norton from Fight Club--a fridge full of condiments. How embarrassing. At least I have lots of beer! Anyway, the black matches the tiles pretty nicely I think. Unlike my big black faux-leather couch, which just makes me look like a drug dealer.

So I'm off for another non-perishable dinner of ramen soup and beer--grocery shopping tomorrow, I hope. Hope y'all are eating a more nutritious dinner than I am tonight!

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Jaking said...

Not even remotely. My dinner thus far has consisted of Sprite and Jelly Beans, as I write a paper. It's the "dinner of champions" for graduate students...perhaps you know of it.

As a burgeoning doctor, I have a favor to ask. Can you, at some point in your medical career, write a paper on the nutritional benefits of beans that are chemically designed to taste like fruits? They taste like fruit...there has to be *some* nutrition in there somewhere, right? My roommate refuses to believe me!

What's going on in med school these days? Any interesting dissections?