Saturday, August 8, 2009

Armadillos and things

Microbiology fun fact #1*: There are two natural reservoirs for Mycobacterium leprae, the organism that causes leprosy: humans and armadillos.

Who knew?

I know that people like my dear, dear friend Mississippi Brad call armadillos varmints and use them as target practice (does anyone know if Brad reads this blog?), but I can't help it. I think they're adorable. Seriously, how sweet would it be to be able to curl up into a little armored ball when you get annoyed with the world?

Also, check out the Pink Fairy armadillo:

Isn't it teeny weeny and cute? I do love things in miniature.

*One week into our microbiology course, it's becoming abundantly clear that there aren't a whole lot of "fun facts" in the field. Lots of nasty, terrible, tedious facts, but not too many that I would call "fun". I'm sure that my classmates can attest to that. So Fun Fact #1 might be the first in a very short series--I didn't want to get your hopes up and then dash them to the ground. Ta ta!

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J. A. Broussard said...

Astonishingly enough, I knew. If it's completely unrelated to anything that could ever be useful in real life, there's a good chance that I might know it.

And I must beg to disagree with you and your lovely hair, and not just so you know I'm still reading your posts: microbiology has tons of fun facts--just look at a stentor. How can anything about a stentor not be cool? "If I have life, energy, sense, will, so does a rotifer."--Dillard

Now that I'm done with my momentary rant, kudos on the armadillo. I'm peculiarly fond of them, and their name is perhaps second only to "aardvark" in its spiffiness.