Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hey guys! Two more days until the end of neuro (hence the absence)! It's been a long couple of weeks, let me tell you. Weeks, months, year. But our test is Friday, and then we get a whole weekend before we start our second year classes. Two measly days. I guess we'll just have to make them count.

funny pictures of cats with captions

I'm deeply absorbed in things like visual pathways, the frontal lobe, the auditory system, etc, and as such I don't have much space in my brain for any other types of thinking. My internet wanderings are basically restricted to pretty pictures and bright colors these days, but let's see if I can dredge up anything of interest to share with you guys.

  • There's a pretty sweet sale going on over at LAMA for the next week. If I had two well-placed trees in my backyard I would buy one of their bitchin' hammocks.

  • This adorable cat needs a home! Anyone in the DC/Baltimore/Philly area have one for her? Karla, this means you.

  • Y'all know about FML, right? Vaguely funny, but not nearly as hilarious as texts from last night. It reminds us that we're not alone in our embarrassing drunken debauchery. A classic: "(703): I wish I could be a nicer person. Or a more sober one."

  • Looking for a new way to waste time on the internet? Here's a word game for you. Not as good as crosswords, but still maddeningly distracting.
Well there you go! Hope it provides you a little distraction from the important things in life.

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Tara said...

TFLN was hilarious!! I liked FML too but not as funny. I was cracking up for over an hour reading TFLN -- I guess I don't have much of a life.