Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Practical practicals

(found via a cup of jo)

My friend Jeff asked a question about anatomy exams, and I was trying to find some amusing picture of lab practicals or something to post. Instead, I found the above. Friggin' adorable. From James' Year in Pictures blog--awesome photos, and I promise, most of them aren't as cutesy as this one.

Anyway, I checked my answers this morning and it looks like I did well! Woohoo! Our gross anatomy exams are in two parts: written and practical. Each section is a little less than two hours. The written is in the same format as the board exams, which means primarily clinical cases with multiple choice answers--and yesterday's written portion was miserably hard, so I'm thrilled that I passed! When we finish that, we all trudge upstairs to the anatomy labs for the practical portion, which consists of 70 tagged structures throughout the six labs. We all have clip boards and we're herded from lab to lab by a buzzer (15 minutes per lab or so). I saw Dr. Jerret this morning as I checked my answers at the bulletin board, and he said that he was thrilled with how well we'd all done on the practical. Gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling, because I know that it doesn't really matter what scores we all get, but I do live for praise and to make my superiors happy. It's a little pathetic.

Anyway, I'm now sitting in the library, trying very hard to study biochem. Wish me luck!

(PS--Thanks for commenting, Jeff!)

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Jaking said...

Anytime! Reading blogs and commenting on them saves me from doing real work or school work or what have you. Before I actually read the post, I saw the mouse picture and thought "A mouse picture, although cute, does not answer my question!" I'm fascinated by the multiple choice idea...when you say clinical case do you mean a simple anatomical case or are they actually throwing full-blown medical cases at you? I guess, is it more like "His patella hurts, where is that" or "Here's a case history for this patient...etc etc?" Thanks for humoring my inquiries...this is the closest I'll ever come to living my one-time dream of being on ER! Good luck with the studying.